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Dr. G. Saltz  -  Dr. T. Mandelkow.

Surgeon,  Ambulant Speech Therapist
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Dear Mr. Bazel,

Thank you for sending NasiVent. In the test phase I was able to offer patients with conditions such as Ablatio Nasi# on Carcinomerkrankung# and plastic construction/reconstruction of the nose an important improvement when breathing through the nose. NasiVent also offered improvement to patients that had very narrow nasal passageways.

The patients reported significant improvement in upper nasal breathing during the day and particularly at night since snoring was considerably reduced when sleeping on their sides.

With different patients considerable improvement could be achieved as far as restricted inhalation through the nose was concerned that occurs with the phenomenon of the nostrils being drawn against each other.

NasiVent also provided relief for those with anatomically weak nasal conchae.

Even patients with extremely bad breathing capability reported considerable improvements in upper nose inhalation.

Thank you for sending the samples.


Yours sincerely,

Dr. Med Thomas Mandelkow