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The NASIVENT Tube® consists of two small tubes with a central connecting piece which facilitates safe insertion and holding the apparatus in place. It is manufactured from high quality silicone, which has been approved and is suitable for medical use. Irritations of the skin or mucous membrane are almost impossible because of the material that has been chosen. The NASIVENT Tube® is soft, very elastic and flexible. It adapts well to the many different shapes of noses which makes it a perfect fit. The research showed that it remains comfortable in use even after a long period.



A package contains four different sizes of tubes because no two nasal cavities are the same. The user just chooses the size that fits best for optimum airflow.

The material can simply be cleaned with soap and water. The NASIVENT Tube® can easily be cut to the correct length with scissors to give optimum comfort.


NASIVENT Tube® complies with the European (CE) and United States (FDA) medical quality guidelines.NASIVENT Tube® is a patented, registred and protected trademark.