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In almost three quarters of cases, snoring is caused by the entrance to the nose being too narrow or by its being blocked (weak nostrils), which means that you get insufficient air when sleeping on your side. So, in order to get more air you lie on your back and breathe through your mouth. However, this causes your tongue to fall back in your throat blocking the entire airway and causing apnoea, which results in localised tissue vibration that produces the snoring sound.


The tongue can seal off the air supply completely for a number of seconds. If this happens a number of times each night it’s called apnoea. Apnoea is very damaging to the health and can also be prevented by the NASIVENT Tube®.
The NASIVENT Tube® was developed during extensive research carried out in Germany by both ear, nose and throat doctors and a sports doctor. The resulting product offers a simple and cost effective solution for snoring and apnoea.

  This is a side view of:
  1. the nasal cavity;
  2. the oral cavity;
  3. the tongue;
  4. the hard palate;
  5. soft palate with the uvula in the middle;
  6. the pharynx;
  7. underneath the pharynx the vocal cords: these are two white mucous membrane folds under the number;
  8. the trachea which is in front of the oesophagus;
  9. the oesophagus;
  10. the Adam's apple.